This is one of those moments that are pretty rare nowadays – it’s actually worthwhile to visit myspace today as there’s a nice blog post (and two fragments of new songs) on there by Johan Hedberg, who released his debut EP on Cosy Recordings in the summer of 2007. (It was later re-released on a rather pretty 10″ by Labrador, with an additional track.) Since then, Johan has been quite busy with the ever-sparkling SKWBN, but he has still played quite a lot of shows and also written some new songs. There are already a few live live favourites that we hope we’ll manage to put out on the new record – with artwork by Christian Olofsson, who made the sleeves for that first EP and After School Sports release. Anyway, we’ve translated a bit of that blog post:

Expect a number of songs of varying quality on plastic during 2010. I promise that there will be new “real” tunes to listen to already this spring, if I’m wrong I will slash myself with a sabre – I dreamt about doing that last night.