There are several good reasons for visiting London Popfest next weekend (25/2 – 28/2); you’ll see the second gig ever with Cosy Recordings’ the Garlands (first one 23d in Stockholm), experience a live set by Cosy-favourite Jyoti, a.k.a. White Town, and experience a whole lot of other bands that we at Cosy headquarters admire a lot (the Just Joans! The Pines! Rose Mellberg! Shrag! Ballboy! Allo Darlin’! Horowitz! Dorotea! AND MORE!). As the event is almost sold out already, we guess you don’t really need more reasons for going.

Still, Cosy Recordings wants to sprinkle your Popfest-cake! On Friday, Karin will be playing records with Daniel and Sean, and promise to make the crowd go boom. And on Saturday, you’ll be able to get a hold off some Cosy Recordings releases, among others our 25th (which has the catalogue number 24, to keep the mystery alive) with the lovely Snowbirds.

Ye to the ay!