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Hedberg vows to create

Releases Posted on Mon, January 18, 2010 00:28:27

This is one of those moments that are pretty rare nowadays – it’s actually worthwhile to visit myspace today as there’s a nice blog post (and two fragments of new songs) on there by Johan Hedberg, who released his debut EP on Cosy Recordings in the summer of 2007. (It was later re-released on a rather pretty 10″ by Labrador, with an additional track.) Since then, Johan has been quite busy with the ever-sparkling SKWBN, but he has still played quite a lot of shows and also written some new songs. There are already a few live live favourites that we hope we’ll manage to put out on the new record – with artwork by Christian Olofsson, who made the sleeves for that first EP and After School Sports release. Anyway, we’ve translated a bit of that blog post:

Expect a number of songs of varying quality on plastic during 2010. I promise that there will be new “real” tunes to listen to already this spring, if I’m wrong I will slash myself with a sabre – I dreamt about doing that last night.

Haninge revisited on Saturday

Clubs Posted on Tue, January 12, 2010 17:27:21

Those of you who got to know Gula Villan during the festival I set up last summer know what a brilliant place it is. Us who knew it before then know, too. So, when Korova Station invited me to come and DJ at their annual party where they play and also invite their favourite bands to join them, I didn’t need to think for longer than around two seconds. Also playing are the lovely Jap Adaptors and brand new act New Commuting Low (first gig ever!). Yay! Hope to see you there.

Facebook event here.

So what are you doing on friday?

Clubs Posted on Wed, January 06, 2010 19:22:02

This friday your truly will be serving some sweet tunes at the small
and friendly bar Snotty together with Ulrika at her club
Songs&Fascination. I would strongly recommend you to attend as yours
truly have been asked to play strictly twee and 60’s (which for me
equals girl group all night long). Oh yes!

Cats on fire – The Hague

Releases Posted on Mon, December 28, 2009 15:49:53

Hello, and welcome to our new website! We are very pleased to present the brilliant new single by Cats on fire. It is called “The Hague” and its b-side is a demo version of “The Borders of This Land”. You will download COSY025 by clicking the sleeve.

The Hague should be seen as a bookend more than anything else.

Cats on fire anno 2009, not your favourite vintage wine. Slightly bitter in taste, now bottled and encased.

The Hague is middle-class guilt.

The Hague is pointless complaining, to make other people’s pointless complaining appear less so.

Cats on fire wishes you good luck with that new decade of yours.

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